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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How About a Sexy Thong To Go With That 'Recall Scott Walker' T-Shirt?

So, I'm walking down State Street in Madison, Wisconsin last night and I saw this odd combination: A t-shirt that says "Recall Scott Walker" right next to a manequin's bare butt with some Bucky Badger thongs.

Anybody who hasn't been under a rock or only following sports is aware of the situation with Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker and his battles with the Democrats over collective bargaining in this state. And, uh, I presume you know what a thong is.

I'm not going to get into Wisconsin politics in this post (although I have my opinions about it). I just want to share these photos with you because they demonstrate, I think, the weirdness of Madison.

Whether you are for or against Gov. Walker, the message of the shirt is a serious one.

To have it next to the thongs seems to somehow make it seem less serious. But that's Madison, full of people who think that being clownish is a good way to get a serious message across.

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