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Friday, August 12, 2011

One Man March For The Homeless, From Montana to California

August 12, 2011 - His boots were made for walking, and that's just what he's doing. Stephen T. Millhouse, 52, is walking alone from Montana to Southern California. He is making the arduous journey to raise money and awareness for the homeless and hungry.

His walk will take him nearly 1,500 miles over some rough terraine.

The former U.S. Marine set out on foot on August 3, and is documenting his journey with written stories and videos on his website and on YouTube. Yesterday morning, Millhouse tweeted, "I'M HEADED UP LOST TRAIL PASS. HOPE 2 B IN SALMON ID."

He is asking people to make individual donations of $14.60, which equals one cent for each of the 1,460 miles that he plans to walk. You can see a nice video below, which explains his background and his reasons for wanting to help homeless people. Millhouse will be posting more videos on his YouTube channel "myonemanmarch."

"My name is Stephen T. Millhouse," he writes on his website, "and I am walking 1,460 miles (from Missoula, MT to Los Angeles, CA) in order to raise $1 million for successful programs addressing hunger and homelessness in America." Millhouse's blog can be seen at http://myonemanmarch.org/. He does not seem to have updated the website since July 18, but he seems to be posting regularly on his Facebook page. He also has a Twitter page (myonemanmarch), and I'm proud to say that the Homeless Patriot is one of his first three followers!

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