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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Viral Video: Homeless Man Has 3 Degrees, No Job

"55 year old Maurice Johnston lives in Boston," wrote YouTuber 60Days60Nights, "He has a Masters Degree in Plasma Physics from Dartmouth College, and a masters in Electrical Engineering and acoustics from Purdue University." Trouble is, Mr. Johnston just can't get work. A video posted to YouTube (below) on May 22, 2011 has had a whopping 183,428 views (as of 7:30 PM CDT, August 11, 2011).

According to 60Days60Nights, Mr. Johnston has "worked over 10 years at Lockheed Aerospace & Aerodyne Research Corp." 60Days60Nights asks, "So why is Maurice homeless?"

I'm guessing that his age has something to do with it. I am 56 and I no longer get the responses from sending my resume out that I would have 10 or 15 years ago. There is plenty of age discrimination out there, but it's very hard to prove.

Another problem for Mr. Johnston: "People who have been out of work for a while typically have a more difficult time getting a job. With 9.1% of the country and 17.2% of African-Americans out of work, Johnson's not the only one who is suffering due to the lack of opportunity," writes Zachary Cohen at Time's Newsfeed. Another factor, of course, is his homelessness. Employers are generally adverse to hiring homeless people because they automatically - and unfairly - assume there is something wrong with them.

Another video from 60Days60Nights:

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