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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Forgotten: Elderly Homeless, Poor, Hungry

English: Homeless veteran in New YorkImage via Wikipedia I wanted to share this post with you. It's from "The Adventures of Homeless Girl" blog, and the information is at once depressing but important. Sorry to spoil you caramel soy mocha latte moment, but this is reality. Look out the window. See that old guy sitting on the park bench? Yah, this is about him and tens of thousand like him.

The post, titled "The Forgotten: The Impoverished Homeless Elderly," is a guest post on "Homeless Girl" by Amber Paley." She "blogs about the elderly homeless and those in poverty, Amber also writes about nursing home abuse."

It is difficult for the government to get a definite count of the homeless in the United States. In order to get a general idea, the government does “single night counts.” In 2008, a single night count indicated 664,000 homeless people in the United States. It is unclear what percentage of people over 65 are homeless, but a 1996 Urban Institute study estimated that about 8 percent of the homeless are elderly; and in 2008, for every 1 elderly homeless person in a shelter, there were 22 severely impoverished elderly people. Continued at The Adventures of Homeless Girl...

Consider this: The numbers cited above are from 1996 and 2008, before the Obama Economy and several years of unemployment hovering around 9%. Since 2008, of course, there are more people who are "elderly," and more people of all ages who have become or are on the verge of homelessness.
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