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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Helping Those In Need With the Gift of Vision, One Sight Needs Your Help

The gift of sight is precious indeed, but many people around the world, including right here in North America, do not have access to eye checkups or to needed glasses. OneSight has helped more than seven million people on five continents and in hundreds of communities across North America see clearly." Great cause, right? Right!

Well, a friend of mine, Tim, is an optometrist who donates his time to helping people with free eye examinations and eye wear. He will be traveling to a remote part of northwestern India in mid-April to join other eye care professionals to give people free vision care.

It's part of an effort by "One Sight," which is "a non-profit organization dedicated to improving vision for those in need in North America and in developing countries around the world.

PLEASE consider donating a buck or two to Tim's fundraising effort, which goes into the greater pot for One Sight's campaign. You can click the cool widget to the left here, or go directly to his donation page here: http://onesight.donordrive.com

From the One Sight website: 

"Poor vision impedes a child's ability to learn in school and robs an adult of independence, mobility and quality of life. OneSight is dedicated to improving vision for those in need worldwide through outreach, research and education. Luxottica generously covers all of OneSight's administrative overhead, so your donation will directly support OneSight's vision care programs around the world and right in your own community. If you would like to support OneSight by creating your own personal fundraising campaign unrelated to any of the listed events, click here."