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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is Your Home Environment Really As Clean As Possible?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wave Home Solutions for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you're lucky enough to have a place to call home, unlike me, you know that keeping your living space clean is important. You dust, you vacuum, you sweep and scrub, but keeping your home environment healthy and fresh is a never-ending process.  Not only that, but all that scrubbing and sweeping does nothing to clean the air you breathe and the water you and your family drink.

Look, I don't own a home. Heck, I don't even rent. After all, that's why the name of this blog is "HOMELESS Patriot." Yep, I'm living temporarily in a run-down apartment that a buddy owns, no rent. There is no air filtration, and so there is always dust settling on everything. Humidity is a problem now that the sticky Chicago summer is upon us. The tap water is okay for bathing, but it tastes horrible and I always wonder what kind of chemicals and micro-organisms are it in. Ugh.

However, IF I owned the place that I'm couch surfing in these days, I would definitely turn to Wave Home Solutions for relief. Boy, that would be nice!

Wave Home Solutions has you covered for water, air, ventilation and energy consumption challenges. The WAVE home ventilation system beats dehumidifiers. It provides excellent moisture control (important for mold and fungus) as well as what they call "healthy air exchanges." Another advantage: It's done without any messy buckets of water, yucky filters or hot energy chugging motors. Remember that dehumidifiers simply recycle the same old stale air over and over, and do not actually clean the air.

WAVE Air Purifiers remove and destroy biological and chemical contaminants in your home's air by using a natural ultraviolet (UV) purification process that combines two UV rays. You are your family spend a lot of time inside, which means you could be breathing in dangerous indoor air toxins that could cause illnesses. This modern technology removes the mold, viruses, influenza, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and chemical contaminants from the air you breathe in your own home everyday.

It only requires one WAVE Ventilation to give your entire home excellent moisture control. That includes your basement, any crawl spaces, and all upper levels. Those old-fashioned, messy dehumidifiers can only affect a small, specific area, which means you need more than one to accomplish what a single WAVE system provides more effectively. A WAVE Ventilation unit removes moisture from deep within your home's structure. That can help prevent expensive home repairs. Dehumidifiers do not provide the air circulation needed to dry out the structure of your home.

The water you drink is vitally important to your health.  Salt-based water softeners can't match the purification provided by the HydroCare Dual Action Water system by WAVE Home Solutions. It solves the problem of limescale, but it is very different from salt and chemical water softener systems.  Water softener systems only remove the minerals that classify water as “hard,” but they replace those with sodium. (Why add sodium to you drinking water?)

In contrast, the HydroCare Dual Action Water system combines the most advanced water conditioning for elimination of limescale and the most effective purification technologies in to one system. All of this helps to provide healthier, cleaner and fresher tasting water. It's an easy solution that is effective and environmentally friendly. Water as it should be!

All of this can be achieved economically, too, because the products WAVE offers are environmentally friendly, energy saving, affordable, maintenance free with extended warranties and guaranteed to create a healthy, comfortable, energy-saving home.

Sounds worthy looking into, now, doesn't it? Click on the "Visit Sponsor's Site" button below for more info.
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