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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Houston Billboard and Art Exhibit Remind Us That Homeless Are Human Too

Voice of the Homeless billboard in Houston
Photo at Glasstire.com
Sept. 15, 2013 - There is a somber billboard in downtown Houston that says, “EVEN THE PIGEONS DON’T SEE ME ~ voice of the homeless.”

The purpose of the billboard, which debuted on September 5 along Interstate 45 near Velasco Street, is to raise awareness about the homeless, who are badly discriminated against by Houston's city government. The billboard, reports Paula Newton at Glasstire.com, "is a project by artist Jessica Crute in conjunction with a group show at Deborah Colton Gallery called Collective Identity."

The Deborah Colton Gallery's website notes that the Collective Identity exhibit "aims to emphasize the notion that we are all fragile human beings; whether it be through the loss of a job or the stress of transitional social and education activities, we may all be one step removed from being in a situation where we lose our sense of self and subsequently our sense of place."

"This minimalist public art installation will be juxtaposed against Houston’s urban landscape and will be seen by thousands of commuters everyday, imparting it’s message of awareness," says the Voice of the Homeless website. "Lining the Houston skyline with the words of those who are without a home, the public space billboard seeks to humanize the issue of homelessness and to create a platform through which the voice of the homeless may be heard."